As a mom, my sleeves usually feature cat hair, random splotches of ketchup, and drool. That’s one reason I’m so excited about summer and bare-arm season. But we found a cute new way to wear pretty much anything you want on your sleeve–or cardigan, or laptop bag, or hoodie–no laundry pen needed.

These wicked little Instant Photo Frame Pins available at Photojojo are laser cut and hand-assembled in black and white acrylic by Etsy artist/designer Amy B. The sizes are listed as mini (1 inch square) and large (2 inch square), but I like to think of them as Baby Brag and Big Brag.

Use the included template to cut and size any photo, any time. That means that you can show off pretty much anything, from how cute your kid was five minutes ago to how awesome your cat was in 1999 to how delicious those bacon cupcakes were last night.

Or you can always Sharpie a silly mustache over a picture of Charlie Sheen’s face or just leave your pin “undeveloped.” But you won’t, because we’re betting your Hipstamatic shots of kids/bacon cupcakes are way too cool to settle for that sort of thing. -Delilah 

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