Most parents would agree that with each progressive child that enters a family, parenting gets a little more lax. (Watch as the three second rule becomes the 20 second rule.)

The one area that has remained unchanged in our household, though, is child safety. I may not have used as many cabinet locks the second time around, but I do make sure that all of our electrical outlets have child-resistant protective plugs in them.

In addition to those protective covers, I just found another amazing product that reduces the risk of electrical shock.

The Wet Circuits Power Strip is a waterproof, childproof and everything proof power strip that is perfect for families with young children. When I say waterproof, you can literally pour water over the strip with something plugged in and it’s completely safe.

I did say a little prayer before testing it out myself, but it’s true–nothing happens.

The information sheet it comes along with also suggests sticking a pair of tweezers into the plugged in strip to demonstrate that no electrical shock results. As much as I love reviewing products for you CMT readers, I stop at actually serving as a metal conduit for live electricity. Sorry. If you’re really curious about the tweezer test though, you can watch it in action on this Wet Circuits YouTube clip.

I don’t know how it works, but it works. And with so many protective measures for keeping kids safe, it gets an A in my book. -Jeana

The water-resistant, kid-resistant Wet Circuits Power Strip can be purchased from

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