Today is Earth Day. Of course every day I try to do my darnedest to reduce, reuse and recycle, but when it comes to helping the planet, there’s always room for improvement, and Earth Day is a great time to think about what we can all do make our lives a little greener.

There are so many eco-themed apps out there (seriously) but here are three of our favorite free and fabulous iPhone apps so you can have yourself an electronically eco-friendly Earth Day.


iRecycle app

If you have random items that you think can be recycled, but you’re not positive, iRecycle will tell you where and when you can. When I typed “computer monitor” into the app, it immediately pulled up a handful of locations within my vicinity where it can be dropped off. Who knew you could recycle packing peanuts at the UPS store!


Do you have any idea of how your favorite brands fare on environmental impact? ClimateCounts is a very helpful app that rates major brands on how well or poorly they’ve affected the environment with ratings, “striding,” “starting,” and “stuck.” Plus it will ping the company to let them know you made a purchase decision based on their rating. Kudos to striding companies like Southwest Airlines, Hewlett-Packard, Timberland, and Marriott Hotels.


GoodGuide app

In conjunction with ClimateCounts, another great app to have when perusing the aisles is GoodGuide, a mobile app that provides you with health, safety and corporate sustainability ratings for more than 100,000 everyday products like dish soap and peanut butter, and even cars. Search the product by name or category, or you can use the super-cool built-in scanner to scan any UPC label. -Jeana

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