There are many e-reader options on the market right now and it’s hard to choose which is best for you. If it comes down to price, you may want to jump on the cheaper Kindle that was just announced on Amazon.

Dubbed Kindle with Special Offers, it is actually the same exact version of the latest-generation Kindle, the only difference being that there will be ads for special offers and sponsored screensavers displayed. It still has the glare-free screen, month-long battery life and weighs in at a mere 8.5 ounces.

This version will come with offers like “Pay $10 for a $20 Gift Card,” but Amazon states that they will be shown on the home screen and won’t interrupt reading. (Or so we hope!) You can also customize the ads and screensavers. In the end, you save $25.

Personally, I’d rather pay the $25 to avoid ads altogether–we have pop-up ads on our computers, ads on TV, ads on our apps–don’t we get enough? But hey, if you don’t mind it, and you’d rather put that $25 towards more book downloads, then this is a good time to get yourself an e-reader. -Jeana

Kindle with Special Offers is on pre-order from our affiliate Amazon for $114 and will start shipping on May 3.

[h/t mashable]