The news is out: Facebook has gone live with Facebook Deals in 5 US cities. Lucky Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco. In fact, check out now and you Atlanta mamas can grab a pair of Georgia Aquarium Jazz Journeys tickets for $11 off.

I have no doubt it will be awesome. And a lot of folks will be happy to use their Facebook credits now for something besides Farmville whatevers. (Sorry, I’m not a player, but I see those ads everywhere.) I am also kind of sad however that it could potentially kill some of the small deal-based businesses that we love.

Facebook Deals

But I am heartened by the news on the Facebook blog that they’re working with folks like Gilt City, Plum District, OpenTable (I love OpenTable!) and PopSugar City, so that you can grab their discounted laser hair removal or low-priced Afghan kebab lunches through Facebook too. -Liz

Sign up for Facebook deals at…where else?

Are you signing up? Or are you worried about Facebook’s domination of the web and the world at large?

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