I’m waiting for the day the tablet becomes the new desktop, but since we’re not quite there yet, I’m thinking the laptop will hold onto its reign as desktop replacement. As powerful as desktop computers are, the technology that new laptops are coming out with really are starting to make those bulky CPUs obsolete.

If your laptop is your computer, it may be time to establish a dedicated workspace for it on your desk.

The Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand is a perfect stand-in, excuse the pun, for the job. It elevates the
laptop to eye level, prevents strain and being hunched over your machine all day. You can either use it directly on the stand or plug in another monitor and keyboard to free up desk space and de-clutter.

The stand claims to hold any laptop over 10″, but I’d say anything over 15″ is pushing it. If you have the right-sized laptop, go forth and elevate. -Jeana

The Griffin Technology stand is available from Amazon for $29.23.


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