Just when I thought I finally understood the privacy settings on Facebook, my son reminded me that he will be 13 soon–old enough (shriek of terror) to have his own Facebook profile.

At that moment, I had a feeling that another “talk” must be added to the very important list of required discussions between parent and tween son.

Luckily, our Facebook safety talk is going to be easier now that Facebook redesigned the Facebook Family Safety Center, their hub for concerned parents like myself and their online socially savvy teens.  

The Facebook Family Safety Center includes safety articles, videos and a new suite of safety tools so parents and kids can learn how to protect accounts and report incidences of cyber-bullying, imposter profiles, abusive content and more. It also discusses use of authentication to keep accounts more secure.

There is a section for parents that offers up some helpful tips and even conversation starters, though but some of it might be a little basic for our own tech-savvy readers here. There’s also a section for teens that I love simply because it includes my favorite rule about social networking: Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your parents, teachers or employer to see.

(Although come to think of it, a lot of adults could use that reminder too.)

When I showed my son the Facebook Family Safety hub and the section just for him labeled “teens,” he was fascinated and scoured every detail. I knew that having the tips and instructions coming directly from Facebook would be more powerful then just another rule put in place by his totally embarrassingl mom.

Luckily, he agreed to my rule of us being Facebook friends so I can make sure he is safe. Of course, he included the caveat that I do not comment on his wall. Which makes us what I call “silent”  Facebook friends. Works for me. –Beth

Are you parents of tweens and teens friends with them on Facebook?