Parents Magazine is one of those periodicals that I end up reading cover to cover and then ripping up and tacking to my bulletin board because there’s just so many useful tidbits. And don’t even try to get me to throw away the back issues that I still find myself referring to time and time again.

Well now they’ve come out with a digital magazine for iPad and let be the first to say that it will be the gold standard to which other iPad magazines will be held. Yes, it’s just that amazing.

To get the new Parents Magazine for iPad, you’ll need to download the free app and then purchase the very first issue. And then be prepared to be blown away right off the bat as their traditional cover baby is actually in video. That’s just the beginning.

The magazine sections are organized by age that you can access by clicking that particular section, or just by flipping through like you would in their paper magazine. It’s chock full of everything you already love about Parents magazine–helpful articles, cool crafts, yummy recipes, the works–but now with smart features that allow you to get more information. And, get this, you can purchase items you see featured, with a simple click. You can even watch an in-app videos like craft tutorials.

I was impressed with how few ads there are in the magazine, though the ones that are included were so smart (like the Pull-Ups ad that’s actually a coloring app for your kids). And hands down, the recipe and craft section in the back that can be read like cards makes it so easy to refer to them when you’re trying to do them yourself.

I did notice it’s tough to toggle back and forth between the magazine and your email when you’re invited to “click to email” at a few points throughout the magazine, but it’s a minor inconvenience, and something I imagine they’ll fix in future issues.

All these fancy features means you might actually miss stuff and perhaps be slightly overwhelmed. I found myself pressing and clicking just to be sure I caught everything. It definitely takes some getting used to, but in the end, I was more than happy I spent the $2.99. And I can’t wait for the next issue.  -Kristen

Download the free Parents Magazine app for iPad to purchase their first digital issue.

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