You have to be pretty hard core about your Easter Eggs to invest $195 in a machine that makes them look awesome. But that’s just what the creators of the Egg-Bot were thinking when they invented this open-source robot that applies computer controlled motion to help you create beautiful, artful, amazing eggs.


You control the bot with the freeware illustration program Inkscape, and it doesn’t seem all that hard to set up. You can watch a video of it in use via Martha Stewart who became a fan it after it debuted at Makers Faire in NYC. Are we surprised that this is perfect for those who also drop 300 bucks on a machine to spray paint your cake?

If you’re craft-happy, have a boutique that needs some cool windows, or just have a kid who’s crazy into robotics, I say, go for it. Even though you’ve missed Easter, you can decorate golf balls this summer, pumpkins come fall, and holiday ornaments soon after. Wild. –Liz

Check out the Egg-Bot on their website, or order through

Happy Easter cool moms!