Like many moms, I now almost exclusively use my smart phone video camera for rolling footage on the kids. And while I’m a huge fan of the video quality and convenience of my iPhone 4, I’m finding that it’s tough to figure out what to do with the videos after I take them. At least until now, thanks to the new very cool Vimeo iPhone app that makes me feel like a film maker.

The brand new (and free!) Vimeo iPhone app allows you to take your videos and whip them into edited masterpieces in a matter of minutes. You’ll need a free Vimeo account which you can sign up for through the app (or use your existing one if you have it) and you’re ready to go.

I uploaded a video in HD from my camera, gave it a title and a few tags, and I was able to share it on all my social media platforms, as well as sending it out on email to friends and family.

But it’s not just for sharing videos, it’s for editing them. Even this first-time video editor was able to connect two video clips from my daughter’s violin recital and add a title, plus add a still shot of her with her teacher to wrap it up. I even added fade-in transitions. Fancy, huh?

If you’re more advanced, then you’ll be able to do everything from trim your videos to add music and other special effects. And you can save your finished products on your camera roll or post them on Vimeo, either publicly or privately. But trust me. You’re going to want the world to see your film-making mastery -Kristen

Download the new Vimeo iPhone app for video editing and sharing at

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