Having never learned a foreign language myself, I’m determined to make sure my kids are fluent in something other than “whine.” Too bad that doesn’t count towards college credit.

So in my search for cool language programs for kids, I was thrilled to discover upon an amazing app-based system that I wish I had discovered sooner–back to before they were born, in fact.

Created by a German developmental psychologist, Smart Starterz uses something called fetal-immersion technology to teach your unborn baby foreign language basics. Sounds crazy, right? It has to do with soundwaves that penetrate the still developing Temporal Lobe when it’s most receptive to language stimuli. So cool.

The app itself is free for iPhone, iPad or iPad touch, but you do have to purchase the Smart Starterz Belly set. Just strap it to your bump for two hours a day while you’re working or just hanging out. That’s it! You can even look at the screen to see the “words” the baby hears. Then, simply ramp up to the appropriately calibrated level throughout your pregnancy to give your fetus basic auditory language understanding. Whoa!

Smart Starterz fetal language lessons

Keep in mind, you’ll need to continue their language learning after the baby is born, but the ability to understand the basic concepts of Spanish, French, or Mandarin Chinese (with new languages coming soon) at birth certainly gives our children the head start they’ll need in an increasingly competitive world. In fact, I’m so intrigued that I’m considering having another baby just to give it a try. -Kristen

You can purchase the Smart Starterz prenatal learning app and belly set on the Smart Starterz website. Cool Mom Tech readers use the code APRILFOOLS for a free trial.