One of my big decorating secrets is to find whimsical items that will distract from the clutter and mess that might otherwise be noticed when people come over. I ask you, who’s going to notice a pile of disorganized papers all over a desk when you have this Spaghetti Lamp hanging overhead?

This ingenious design by Sarah Foote is made of thin, white maple veneer strips (Maple! Fancy!) attached to a wood frame. Not too big at only a foot tall, I think it’s the perfect lamp to hang over a desk, or even a kitchen table. Just don’t expect it to fill the room with light. It casts a warm glow and is a great accent piece, but you’ll still need some other lights to do the heavy lifting.

Each one is made to order so don’t be shocked at the price tag. But honestly, for a “real” lighting fixture, not to mention a “real” piece of art, it’s perfectly reasonable. Talk about a light bulb moment. -Betsy

Order your Spaghetti Lamp from Sarah Foote on Etsy.

[via design*sponge]

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