Thankfully, my kids are out of the Caillou stage, but I remember at one point, bracing myself, hoping they wouldn’t ask to watch that show. (What a whiner!) Commercial-free kids TV for the most part is great, but I’m so glad to have another option that I actually don’t mind watching right along with my kids.

Ameba TV definitely brings a new dimension to TV watching. It’s a commercial-free online network for kids 2-13 that has original and entertaining programming, so much so that I’ve fallen in love with an adorable polar bear named Bernard. There is a whole new array of programs available that mix great animation and creativity, and feel almost Pixar-like in their quality.

Ameba is subscription-based and costs $3.99 per month for unlimited rentals. You can watch programs with your Roku player, via the Web or you can rent an Ameba set-top box for $6/month.

If you are irked by certain kids’ TV characters too, tune into Ameba TV. You’ll love Bernard. -Jeana

Subscribe to Ameba TV for commercial-free online programming for kids.

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