When you’ve got kids, a headphone splitter is your best friend, particularly when you’re traveling and you’re using your smart phone or tablet to entertain them. But sometimes two isn’t enough, and that’s when the Belkin Rockstar multi headphone splitter comes in handy.

This handy gadget was intended for musicians who wanted to mix music from various gadgets all at one time, but it’s just as effective as a tool for parents. You simply plug the splitter into your iPhone, iPad, or gadget of choice, and then add in up to five sets of headphones. With four kids and two adults in my own brood, that’s pretty darn awesome.

There’s no crackling or sound quality issues, but you’ll probably notice a slight change in volume the more headphones you have plugged in; a teeny price to pay for only have to play one movie  on one gadget for your entire back seat. -Kristen

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