If buying an computer for a lucky high school grad this year is part of your plans, then you’re in for an extra bonus of the awesome variety. Starting today, participating retailers are offering a free Xbox with the purchase of a Windows 7 PC, when you show a proof of school ID.

The PC has to be valued at $699, and then…that’s it. You get a free XBox 360 4GB console. If you’re feeling extra generous you can add on the Kinect XBox 360 accessory but then, it’s not like you want your kid spending more time on Dance Central than on Freshman Lit. –Beth

Starting May 22 in the US through September 3 (or while supplies last), get a free Xbox 360 4GB console with the purchase of a Windows 7 PC valued at $699 or more, at participating retailers including Dell.com, HP.com, and Microsoft.com. Check your local retailers to make sure they’re participating.