I love music, hate earbuds. No matter how cushy I buy them they always make my ears ache after a little while. So I’ve resorted to the “headband” kind. Much, much better, but here are my complaints–one I feel dorky. Two, I can still hear all the ambient noise around me (compliments of the ladies gabbing at the table next to me while I try to work).

I finally found a solution to my dilemma from the company Able Planet.

These foldable noise-cancellation headphones are lightweight, have in-line volume control (meaning it’s on the cord, not the headsets so it’s easier to adjust), great sound quality and, well, they’re pink! So cute! However, if you’re not a pink person you can find them in a bunch of other colors.

These are also a great idea for your kids, because in my non-scientific opinion it’s safer than having music booming straight into their ear canals. Oh, and the headphones also come with a soft carrying case, which is much, much safer when I toss them in my catchall bag. -Betsy

Order a pair of Pink XNC230P noise-canceling headphones from Able Planet which makes a 10% charitable donation; or at our affiliate amazon.com where the discount is all yours.


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