Ever since discovering the Instagram iPhone app, I’ve become completely obsessed; so much so that it’s all I really use to take photos of my kids anymore.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to share them with friends and family, other than emailing them individual photos every now and then–and now, I’ve found the answer.

I’m almost as much in love with the new Instagram Photo Books from Keepsy as I am with the Instagram app itself. If you already have an Instagram account, you’ll use it to allow Keepsy to connect to it. Then Keepsy will grab all the photos that seem photo book-worthy and allow you to use them to create pages. Organize them how you wish – by kid, by event, however you like – and then keep the text you had when you originally shared the photo on Instagram, or change it to reflect the new pages.

Instagram Photo Books on Keepsy

You can choose to register with Keepsy or not, but it’s free and allows you to save your books and find them later (smart!) then see your pages in book form. I was impressed with the lovely, artful presentation of my photos and copy, all of which I could edit to my liking. Then you can either share your album to Facebook or Twitter, or order it as a hard copy photo book, something I’m planning on doing once I get a few more pages.

Either way, it’s a fantastic way to showcase your photos and share them with friends and family. Or in my case, the grandmas who won’t stop bugging me for more family pictures. -Kristen

Download the Instagram app for free on iTunes.com, and then head over to Keepsy to create your Instagram Photo Book.