After a really busy day yesterday, I finally got to see video of the Space Shuttle Endeavor make its last voyage. And as amazing as it was to watch that rocket blast off into space to cheers, I was equally amazed that I was watching video taken with an iPhone.

Yes an iPhone, albeit one with a very cool attachment.

Get a load of Photojojo’s iPhone Telephoto Lens which, when attached to your diminutive iPhone 3 or 4, will have everyone doing a double take. Yes, it looks a little unwieldy, but fortunately seems to go on in seconds with just a few twists of the wrist. And I would love to have the ability to zoom in 8x to capture a great shot out with my kids when I don’t have my “real” camera with me.

iPhone Telephoto Lens

Make no mistake: This won’t replace your precious SLR or big fancy lens, but it’s an easy and inexpensive way to improve your iPhone shots. Plus, I’m much more apt to have my phone on me at all times than a camera.

The iPhone Telephoto Lens comes with a little tripod which will helps hold things steady; I’m assuming that shuttle video was taken using the tripod since it lacks the trademark “bob and weave” of all my handheld videos. And while I’m probably not going to be taking any video or photos as historic as the Endeavor’s final launch, for my own family history, this is one little attachment I’d like to have. -Christina

The iPhone Telephoto Lens can be found at Photojojo.