Now with movies on demand through my cable provider, streaming movies through Amazon, loads of options from Netflix, Hulu, and a slew of other video services, the choice between watching a new release at home versus in a theater with a loud popcorn-eater behind me and an expensive babysitter to pay, is getting easier.

The new problem now is that there are so many movies available from so many sources, it’s hard to figure out which service has got the very thing you feel like watching. A brilliant new website can help.

Moki.TV basically serves as a directory of all movies and TV shows available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu TV, iTunes…you name it. The site has a clean, really easily navigable interface, with tens of thousands of movies and TV shows indexed already. Just check off which services you have, filter by genre, rating or release date, and you’re on your way to movie night.

Moki also offers up ratings from various sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, and gets to know your tastes and makes recommendations just for you–which can be so helpful when you’re a busy parent and can’t keep up with every new release coming out of Hollywood. Or every old movie coming out of Paris.

Move and TV ratings and reviews at Moki.TV

As with any new service, of course, there’s a social feature to it too. You can follow your friends and other people with similar movie tastes on Moki and find out what they recommend or what’s popular. (The Wire and Arrested Development are topping the TV charts right now.) You can also import any existing ratings you’ve already created on Netflix and elsewhere. So so smart!

Maybe the loud popcorn-eater should look into this too. –Jeana

[h/t david pogue]

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