You can’t frame your beloved Mac, but now you can frame those classic Mac icons in a demonstration of love for your old school Apple computer.

Besides, if the Apple logo is au courant, then these prints are more like…an apple seed.

Each print is based on the original icon designs by Susan Kare, the San Francisco-based designer who created them all painstakingly and pixel by pixel back in the 80’s and 90’s. All of your old favorites are here. You know–the hand, the bomb, the happy Mac, the dead Mac, the paint bucket, and that weird, half-dog, half-cow most folks nicknamed Moof. And the “how long do I have to wait for Prodigy to dial up?” watch, which was somehow less annoying than the hourglass.

The signed, numbered giclee prints are limited editions of archival quality and available in a variety of sizes. Prices start at $89 for an 8.5×11, and custom prints are available if you want yours huge. They’d look amazing in a retro office or lined up in a bright nursery for a pixel-perfect technobaby. And the artist has assured us that the bomb icon is guaranteed not to blow up on the wall. -Delilah

Choose prints from beloved classic Mac icons at Susan Kare’s website.

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