We’re thrilled to welcome Chicago-based dad Caleb Gardner as our guest Dads Dig This blogger. He writes about trying to be a good example for his son at The Exceptional Man.

I read a lot of online media on any given day. A lot. But let’s face it: most content on the Web is hard on the eyes. Pages are filled with ugly ads, moving objects, and other general clutter that gives me a headache. That’s why I’ve been in love with Readability for years now.

Readability started out as a bookmarklet for your browser that stripped away all of the extra content of web pages, leaving the reader with just the text and beautifully formatted images. Now it’s grown into so much more. This year, Readability relaunched as a service that lets you archive articles you want to read later, or view them now in the same clean, easy-to-read interface they’ve always used. No more dancing banners, just pure reading pleasure.

But here’s my favorite part: while they’ve relaunched as a subscription service that asks for a $5 or more donation per month, 70% of your subscription fee goes to the online authors that you read. So if you choose to donate $10, and spend all of your time reading Cool Mom Tech with Readability, at the end of the month Cool Mom Tech will receive $7.

What a great way to simultaneously make the Web a nicer place to read and support those writing the content you love. – Caleb

Join Readability for as low as $5 month with 70% of your fee going back to the authors.