No matter where I turn, it feels as though my counter space is being eaten up by cords, from phones to computers. And don’t even get me started on all the ear buds my husband leaves lying around. So you can bet how thrilled I was when I discovered this cheap, smart solution.

All hail Applecore, a innovative product that easily keeps all your out-of-control cords at bay. Shaped like an apple core (hence the name), it comes in three handy sizes for use with everything from your ear buds to your phone chargers, or even for appliances that have those super long tangly cords.

The bright colors are perfect for keeping things organized; choose a color for yourself and your spouse or kids so you know whose is whose. Or so you can keep track of what’s what – printer cables, usb, you name it, by giving them each their own color.

Best of all, each Applecore cord keeper costs less than $5. Score! -Kristen

Purchase these handy cord organizers at Applecore.

[via design mom]