I have a confession: I’ve been using the “free with purchase” earbuds that came with my hand-me-down iPod for years. And really, I haven’t had a complaint.

So maybe it’s natural that these adorable earphones from Urbanears changed my life. But even if you’re a speaker maven, they might change yours, too.

The Bagis earphones by Urbanears are a symphony of awesomeness. First of all, they’re cute as a button and come in a rainbow of fourteen pretty colors from Cerise to Canary–and yes, Miss Fancypants, Black too. They’re amazingly tangle-free, not only because they snap together like LEGOs and can be worn like a necklace, but also because they have a fabric cord that resists tangling…even in the bottom of my diaper bag.

The sound quality, even to a non-audiophile like me, is astounding. I’m hearing subtleties I’ve never heard on albums I’ve been listening to for years, and layers of sound that my car speakers just don’t deliver. And what I’m not hearing is the annoying business meeting behind me at Starbucks. Hallelujah! Plus there’s a remote, a microphone, and ear buds in three different sizes.

If you’re more on the Luddite side of tech, just know that I’m blown away and will never go back to free earphones again. If you’re a tech geek, see the stats for yourself which use fancy words like “Ompedance.” –Delilah

Find the new snap-together Bagis earphones at Urbanears.