One of my big tech peeves is power strips that don’t actually let you use all of the outlets. Yes, I know–high class problems. But I hate hate haaaate when there’s not enough space between them for wider plugs, or or not all of the outlets accommodate the three-prong plugs that are essential to so much technology.

When New York Times tech guru (and cool dad) David Pogue tweeted a link to the Pivot Power flexible surge protection [edited link] I thought, awesome. Six adjustable outlets insure that every plug fits, and you can even twist it around a corner or a couch leg.  Another little gift: the six-foot cord has a flat head plug, which crosses off my other tech peeve.

Now I would really, really love it if it came in all white like the Power Pod we recently featured. But for just $29.99, three cheers for the flexible, white and blue

The Pivot Power flexible surge protection by Quirky is now available at our Amazon affiliate. 

[h/t david pogue]

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