Remember when we flipped for the stunning array of available gallery images for the various iPhone cases available at This Is Uncommon? We were particularly impressed with the interchangeable plates for the Gallery model.

But you knew we couldn’t rest until we found out if the custom cases were just as awesome. Verdict: Heck yeah.

I went ahead and ordered a Deflector case with an extreme close-up of my dog on it (no mocking! look how cute she is!) and the results were stunning. Whatever goes into their trademarked 3D TATT process to make the picture both gorgeous and durable delivers as promised; after several weeks of wear and tear, my case still looks brand new (all sticky fingerprints wipe right off without damaging anything), and the photo itself is crisp, clean and bright.

The fact that my doggie’s adorable little button nose wraps around the edge (it’s printed all the way around, which is just cool) is just the icing on the cake. It’s nice to know it’s not just their stock images that come out looking great.

Obviously,make sure you use a super-high-quality photo for optimal results, but this is one time when a customized object made from a photo actually ended up with photo quality high enough that even my photographer husband was impressed. -Mir

Order your own custom Deflector iPhone case from This is Uncommon.