Yay! A pen!

Seriously, has anyone ever said that before when opening a gift? Okay, maybe a few of us writers.

Elegant, fancy gifts are all well and good. (Especially the ones in our Father’s Day Guide, hint.) But sometimes you need to put the fun back in Father’s Day with a gift that appeals to the sneaky kid in every grown man.

So give him a pen. But not just any pen–this one’s a spy pen.

James Bond used one. Dwight Schrute used one. And now you can get one for the guy who introduced you to invisible ink and listening through walls with a water glass–your own dad. The Pen Spy Cam from the Discovery Channel Store is actually an amazingly sophisticated device. It can capture over an hour of full-color video at 640×480 resolution, plus sound, with the click of a secret button.Then download it onto a computer using the 4GB flash drive hidden within. Oh, and it also functions as a handsome and stylish writing utensil.

The Pen Spy Cam will make him feel like The Man with the Golden Son. Or daughter. Or wife. Maybe he’ll even call you Q. –Delilah

Find the Pen Spy Cam on sale at at The Discovery Channel Store.