Does your dad have an Einstein ‘fro? Does he spend spend his day in a lab coat? Is he an aspiring inventor, a dork, a science teacher, a science homework helper, or just the kind of guy who loves Think Geek t-shirts? Then chances are he’ll love this super-geeky Father’s Day card.

We just love the hip-to-be-unhip feel of this geeky Father’s Day card from Etsy shop ShopGibberish. Who’d have guessed that you could spell out FATHER using the periodic table? Okay, besides science nerds. And the included tie tack can be made into any element, whether you want to go with dad’s initials or just go with Titanium.

You know, Ti?

Every geek dad needs a ti tack. –Delilah

Find the My Dad’s Uncool Card at ShopGibberish on Etsy. They’ve got loads of cool handmade greeting cards spelling out pretty much anything that can be spelled with elements from the periodic table.