It’s finally the season of long sunny days spent outside riding bikes, playing kickball and tag. Oh, and that all-too-familiar sound of one of my kids tripping, falling and skinning yet another part of their body. I am not kidding when I say I have stashes of bandages in my handbag, my car, the garage and almost every room of the house.

You too? Well then, along with grabbing the boo-boo bunny (again), download this bouncy new tune from our favorites, Recess Monkey, which you’ll be humming all summer long.

The kindie-rock song Covered in Bandaids tells the story of a little sister who is a “risk-taking Superstar, a wonder-dynamo”, and she has the boo-boo’s to prove it. In other words, she’s the kid who makes all of us gasp on the playground.

Along with a great tempo, I love the little Latin interlude with its cha-cha beat and description of each new bandaid. It’s about as cheerful a song you can get about a subject some of us know all too well. Christina

Download Covered in Bandaids from Recess Monkey’s Flying! at CD Baby.