Every month, my husband and I comb through Netflix and try to figure out what to put in our queue. We generally give up and just end up putting in something for the kids. But since finding this new app, I’ve already got a slew of awesome picks, all recommended by the movie expert himself, Roger Ebert.

His new and very cool Great Movies app houses more than 300 reviews of the best new and old movies, all culled from his well loved Great Movies book series. But now, it’s super handy and searchable. Not that we should be surprised that the guy who mastered Twitter in about a second is now taking on mobile apps.

Roger Ebert's Great Movies app

The best part is that the app syncs with your Netflix account, so with a quick tap, you can send any movie that piques your interest right into your queue.

Take note that while the app is available for iPad, it’s really optimized for iPhone;  the iPad version is just the iPhone app in a larger size. We’re also hoping they address the iOS 5 issues, which didn’t affect my experience, but seemed to be a consistent complaint in the ratings. I’ve personally had no issues with the app, other than the fact that I’ve now got a slew of movies that require me to be awake to watch them. -Kristen

Purchase Roger Ebert’s Great Movies app at iTunes.com

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