Are your kids on Facebook yet? Mine is 8 years old, so I’m not yet at that worry stage. But I know that by the time he’s ready for it, he’ll also be dealing with so many other issues in his life that I’ll want to know about. (Kinda glad I have a few years before he is there!)

I’m also glad I came across a site that really lets you see what’s happening on your kid’s account without having to hack his password. With the free web-based tool Minor Monitor, you log onto your child’s Facebook account through their site, and it provides a pretty extensive analysis of possible questionable content.

I gave it a shot tracking my own account and I must say, I’m a little embarrassed by the results.

Minor Monitor Alerts

Apparently my friends are friendly, when I use profanity, it’s not mild, and I talk about drugs and alcohol a lot. I also bully people sometimes. And while I am joking about this in reference to my own account, this is stuff you really want to know about your child.

Now whether it is okay to snoop around on your child’s account or not is something you have to decide for yourself. Personally, I will probably peek but tell my kid that I am peeking. But every mom has to figure out her own family boundaries for herself.

In my opinion, well worth a look.-Aimee

Grab a Minor Monitor account free through their website.