There’s really not much I miss about using a real camera since exclusively switching to my iPhone 4. Well, except that decisive click of the button that lets you know that you’ve got the shot.

So wouldn’t you know that someone has invented just the gadget to give you that special “pop” when you snap your photos.

Enter Red Pop, a handy gadget that I’m just dying to get my hands on. After grabbing the Red Pop app, you attach it easily to your iPhone and allows you to manipulate it more like a camera and less like a phone that takes pictures. Simply push the big red button (hard to miss, huh?) and you’ve taken your photo. Or keep pressing to take photos in rapid succession.

And I love how it really appears to make one-handed shots easier, which if you’re like me, is how most of your photos are taken. One hand on the iPhone, the other wrangling children. Sound familiar? -Kristen

You can pre-order the Red Pop by pledging to support its development at Kickstarter.