We’ve all witnessed the hilarity of viral YouTube hits like David at the Dentist and Charlie Bit my Finger. But there are countless others that haven’t gotten nearly the same amount of attention that are just as funny. And here’s how to find them. Or any videos, really.

If you’re a YouTube enthusiast and have an iPad, the VideoHunters app is a great tool for finding and organizing the millions of videos at your disposal. And so much better than the YouTube functionality on iPad.You can watch the videos directly from the app and search through pre-installed themes like Pixar, movie trailers, basketball, or space exploration (and yes, even Charlie Sheen). Or create your own categories, like music videos, Schoolhouse Rock, and educational. Once you find your favorites, it’s super easy to share videos with friends and watch them over and over again. Which is definitely what your kids want to do. -Jeana

The VideoHunters iPad app is available for $0.99 from iTunes.

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