I used to pride myself on my ability to type quickly and accurately, that is, until the iPad came along. As much as I love the device, typing on it sometimes relegates me to the dated one stiff pointer finger technique where I tap one letter at a time. Fortunately, you can easily add a keyboard using Bluetooth, which can help you get a lot more use out of the iPad.

Here are 3 good keyboards for iPad I came across.

ClamCase for iPad

The ClamCase can fold itself into four different positions, which makes it great for traditional typing, entertainment and multimedia needs. The keyboard is built into the case itself, so it’s like you’re getting a two-for-one deal with a Bluetooth-enabled typing pad and also a durable case that automatically wakes and sleeps the device. (For iPad 1 and 2–v2 shipping in 4-5 weeks–$149)

RightShift iPad case with keyboard and charger

RightShift Case

The RightShift Case doesn’t have as many viewing options as the ClamCase, but it does come in a cool red color, which with its leather look and feel, adds to its appeal. What’s even more amazing is that when fully charged, it provides 90 hours of continuous use. That’s a lot of typing.

This also is a case and keyboard in one, and when closed, looks like a cool leather dossier of sorts. (For iPad 1 and 2, $99)

iPad keyboard dock from Apple

iPad Keyboard Dock 

If you don’t need the case, and just want a dedicated keyboard, there’s really no point in looking further than the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock. It stays true to the usual Apple aesthetic–beautiful–and is an ultra-compact device that simply connects your iPad to a better typing

Because it’s a dock, it also charges the iPad, unlike when you sync to iTunes. (What’s up with that?) Finally, there are buttons on the keyboard that give you direct access to iPad features like the Home screen, search, brightness and more. (iPad 1 and 2, $69) -Jeana

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