Google Search TipsI’m a card-carrying member of the Google frequent searchers club, whether it’s odd cold symptoms or Ryan Reynolds photos. (Heh.). But little did I know that Google can do a whole lot more than just random searches. Here are four cool Google tricks that can be huge timesavers for busy parents.

Calculator: No need to open up your computer calculator or pull out your phone. Just type your mathematical equation into Google like 245+718= or and press enter. Your answer will pop up in a matter of seconds. Remember to use the the asterisk for multiplication, and the backslash for division.

Conversions: Need quick measurement conversions from Metric to English? Simply type in what you need, say “45cm in inches,” and it does it all for you. This is so handy for cooking when you need to know how many pints are in a quart– or all the information you should have paid attention to in home ec class.

Airlines: If you’re looking to book flights, you don’t need to search 20 travel websites. Type “Flights from ATL to JFK” and all your options will show in the results. You don’t even need to know the airport codes.

Another tip: Check your flight status and gate/terminal information in a snap by entering “Flight Status” and your airline and flight number.

Text: Probably one of the coolest tricks I’ve found, you can actually text Google your questions or requests right from your phone. Just send your request, say “Cars 2 Movie Times” to 455463 (Google), and you’ll get a text back with the answer. Regular text rates apply, but if you don’t have a smart phone or are just in a pinch, it’s really handy.