If you’re anything like me, then you love scoring an awesome deal, but sometimes getting it is more complicated than it’s worth. And too many times, I find the discounts only apply to items that I don’t really need. Well a new collaboration between American Express and Facebook makes it ridiculously easy to get fantastic deals on items I definitely like.

The new Facebook app “Link, Like, Love” from American Express offers you exclusive deals based on what you like on Facebook. You’ll need to download the app, which like all Facebook apps does require you to give access to your account, and then securely enter your AmEx number. Then choose from a variety of deals offered to you based on your Facebook “likes,” everything from fashion to food, and almost everything in between.

(I’m kind of excited to see what the Ryan Reynolds fan page might offer me. Ha.)

Since your card is on file, all you do is click to purchase, with the discounts and credits reflected in your statement each month. No codes, special emails, no extra work on your part to get some great discounts. As a busy mom, that’s like music to my ears. -Kristen

Head over to the American Express Facebook page to download their “Link, Like, Love” app.

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