When it comes down to it, we all just want a little appreciation and recognition for what we do, right? I feel you nodding in agreement as you read this. So how about a small gesture of appreciation with an online badge that’s better than those “gifts” on Facebook? 

BadgEm is a site that lets users send adorable little
badges to friends, family members and anyone else you’d like in your
Facebook network. Once you’ve linked the application to your Facebook
account, you have access to lots of cute, and sometimes funny badges to honor  a friend’s birthday, a job well done, your love of
chocolate, a night of karoke, even your stellar cooking skills.

While some are a little cutesie, how can you not like the Tony Manero badge for “dance fever?” Or the “best buds” badge with a silhouette of Han Solo and Chewbacca? The edgier they get, the more interesting they are to send.

Feel free to send me the one for awesomeness, by the way. –Jeana

Find Facebook badges that look like real badges online at BadgEm

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