I’m pretty conservative about the amount of digital information I put out there and the level of access I provide. At least I thought I was, until I downloaded Unsubscribe.com.

Unsubscribe.com, a site known for reducing spam in your life, just recently launched a Social Monitor service that automatically scans for all the apps you’ve ever accessed through your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. Yes, like those “Cities I’ve pinned” or  annoying “Movie compatibility” apps that made the Facebook rounds, in which you just might have given permission for them to access all your info.

(We get it. It really is tempting to see which Beatles song you are.)

Using a web browser plug-in, you simply download the app and it immediately pulls up all the apps that have ever been accessed, tells you the last time it was used, let you know the app’s reputation, and finally recommends whether or not you should unsubscribe from it.

Surprisingly, I had more random apps in my Twitter account that I did from Facebook. Some of which I don’t remember signing up for–which in itself is a little frightening. But now I feel better that I’ve at least cut access to a few of them. -Jeana

Check out your history of social media apps and get rid of them with Unsubscribe.com. Social monitoring is free, with additional services like email list unsubscribes additional.

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