If there’s anything to miss about real, live books when you’re using your e-reader, it’s the flip of the pages, the weight of the hardcover book in your hands, and the cool covers. So while I haven’t yet found anything to help with the first two, I’ve definitely more than solved the third with this cool new pick — e-reader covers that look like classic books.

One quick glance at these fantastic classic book e-reader covers from from Out of Print and M-Edge and people will think you’re engrossed in Moby Dick, Of Mice and Men, or Atlas Shrugged, which hey, you could be, but on your e-reader. Ka-chow!

These cool cotton canvas jackets are covered in ScotchGuard to help protect them from any spills and feature a soft microsuede interior to protect your gadget. The handy four corner mounting system will keep your e-reader in place, or your iPad, if that’s what you’re using to read your books these days, and won’t interfere with charging your device.

And best of all, any Out of Print purchase sends out one book to a community in need. Awesome. -Kristen

You can purchase the Out of Print Kindle, NOOK, and iPad covers at M-Edge.

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