Back in 2010 the talented Jaime Derringer of the super design blog Design Milk began an open ended project. Acknowledging how much time we all spend staring at our computer screens (like you are doing right now), Jaime took it upon herself to offer us all a little something inspirational every month to motivate us through our long days.

Designer Desktops are a series of fun and funky desktop wallpapers for download to your computer, iPhone or iPad. Each one features a groovy illustrated vision from a known designer, that brings to life thought-provoking quotes from artists as diverse as Coco Chanel, Rob Base (yes, that Rob Base), Salvador Dali and Frank Lloyd Wright. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a wonderful feature.

We really are lucky that these are free because it’s almost impossible to commit to just one. Thanks to Jaime for giving us all these splashes of fabulousness to our daily onscreen lives. -Stephanie M

Pick your fav and get inspired with Designer Desktops at Design Milk

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