I am on Twitter a lot. A lot. And while I really do adore all the feeds that I follow, every so often there’s an event or a “Twitter party” of some sort that’s cluttering up my stream and I want to filter it out. Fortunately, TweetDeck offers a simple way to get it totally off your radar, and I’m surprised that more Twitter users don’t know about it.

1. First, make sure you’re using TweetDeck, a great app that lives on your desktop (I find their mobile version unfortunately too buggy to recommend) and makes it easy to sort people you follow by columns, and manage multiple accounts.

2. Click the “Settings” tab on the top right — the icon looks like a wrench.

3. Click the “Global Filter” tab, and then filter away!

You can eliminate tweets from certain people (although really, just unfollow them), from certain sources, or best of all, certain words or hashtags. So if you need to get rid of say, VIAGRA, feel free. Or do the same for #awesomeblogconference, should that be monopolizing your stream for the weekend.

4. Save settings. Done!


Download TweetDeck for desktop, or if you’re on Chrome, download the new TweetDeck for Chrome. Skip the iPhone app which is a mess.