I recently got an iPad 2, but I am having a hard time justifying paying for ebooks. I have been searching for a website that allows me to rent current bestsellers for free and I found one called My Pad Media that claims for a one-time lifetime fee of $49.95 you can download all the ebooks, newspapers, comic books, etc, you want. I have tried to search online for reviews on the site and I am having trouble. This sounds too good to be true…any help you can give would be most appreciated! -Rebecca

Hi Rebecca, your instincts are right. It’s too good to be true.

We looked into the site — which I’d rather not even link to because…blech. The first tip that it’s a scam is that I can’t imagine publishers agreeing to allow a for-profit company to their titles for free. The second tip is that every web search of the website name goes to a spammy “review site” by some unknown author, existing solely to give it a glowing endorsement — which seems like a violation of FTC guidelines about online endorsement and review. (Think acai berry miracle! websites.)

What this company actually does, is charge you $50 a year to do give you the privilege of borrowing ebooks from public libraries. Something the libraries already do for free!

All you really need is an app like OverDrive Media Console, which lets you download ebooks and audio books from public and college libraries. There are a few minor complaints but overall it gets terrific ratings. And won’t cost you “a single lifetime membership fee of $49.95.”

Enjoy that free summer reading! –Liz

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