We’re about to embark on a holiday weekend of picnics, and I’m about to become that mom whose son eats nothing but hot dogs and ice cream for three days straight. He looks at all food as if it will bite him back, and if you’ve got one of those too, you’ll love this fun little ditty from Brady Rymer’s latest release.

The aptly named Picky Eater by Brady Rymer is a bouncy ska-beat ode with lyrics that too many parents will recognize as truth. Told from a child’s point of view, this is no “clean your plate” or “veggies are good for you!” lecture. Instead Brady Rymer does a great job imagining a picky child’s explanations for not wanting food to touch on the plate or why the fuzz of a peach totally freaks him out.

It’s made me a little more sympathetic to my own anti-epicure when he turns up his nose to dinner. Christina

Download Picky Eater from Brady Rymer’s Love Me For Who I Am from our affiliate Amazon. You can also check out a sample at Brady Rymer’s homepage and learn more about how this album is working to raise awareness for kids on the Autism spectrum. 5% of profits will be donated to Autism Speaks.

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