While I’m pretty proud of myself for actually getting my photos uploaded to Flickr, I tend to just let them sit there collecting digital dust. But now with this cool new service from Photojojo, I can get my old photos sent to my inbox every month as a fun, little blast from the past.

I’m already excited to see what I get in my first Photojojo Time Capsule. Set up was super quick. Just give Photojojo access to your Flickr account (they promise “no hanky panky” and we believe them), then choose an email address where you’d like your emails to be sent. Then twice a month, you’ll get an email featuring a couple of photos sitting in your Flickr account from a year ago.

Aside from the featured photos, you can choose to view your capsule online or share it with a friend; even send yourself a message. (How very Back to the Future.) And while Photojojo does include links to their shop with suggested products in the email, I’m more than fine with having them there, considering we love everything they sell. Heck, they’re providing their very cool service for free. -Kristen

Sign up for a Photojojo Time Capsule for free.

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