I find one of the things I don’t have time to do much anymore as a busy parent is find new music. Of course that doesn’t entirely explain why my playlist seems to have stopped growing around 1998, but we’ll just stick with it. This neato site however, seems to offer just the injection of cool that my iTunes desperately needs.

Adam Parks of Gigawatt Design has created a site called The Illuminated Mixtapes filled with music mixes that are pretty awesome. He even illustrates the “covers” for each–thus, the illuminated bit.

The music is sorted into 4 tempos so poke around and see what you’re in the mood for. The tracks stream so you can listen from your desktop; or hit his Amazon links, or iTunes to ring up the ones you like and take it on the road.

Edition 3.3 is just up my oldish-skool alley with The Talking Heads, David Bowie, and Stevie Wonder perfectly mixed in with new-to-me groups like Preston School of Industry and Aesop Rock. Even if they aren’t exactly new. I think this site was made for me. –Liz

Find some great mixtapes online at The Illuminated Mixtapes. Follow @aparks on Twitter to find out when new mixtapes are posted

[via swiss-miss]

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