As much as I love the feel of a crisp paperback book and the smell of a new magazine, I definitely get the appeal of an e-reader. And now there’s a cover that lets you show off your affection for David Sedaris, or help you start up a conversation about your favorite classic William Steig cartoon. No matter what you’re actually reading between those covers.

The New Yorker jackets for Kindle feature five of the most iconic covers since the magazine’s inception, like Ana Juan’s “Page Turner” (pictured) or my personal fave, “Dog Behind the Door” from back when the magazine was only $.50 a copy.

Similar to the Out of Print classic book e-reader covers we featured, these have a soft microsuede interior to keep your Kindle protected, plus a four-point mounting system to keep it safe.

I’ll put down money that there will be a cartoon about this very Kindle cover, one of these days. -Kristen

Purchase the New Yorker jackets for Kindle at M-Edge.

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