Aside from Fridays when I receive my US Weekly issues in the mailbox, there isn’t much else that I anticipate from the local postal truck. In fact, I’ve been noticing an increase in the number of odd catalogs, random mailers and junk mail, but fortunately a new site is there to help get rid of it, before I have to load up my recycling box.

Updater is basically the equivalent of the “Do Not Call” registry, just for mail. You simply sign up to stop all unwanted mail, like those darned
catalogs, coupon mailers, sweepstakes entries, and the AARP notices that you’re a few decades away from needing. You can also designate specific companies and charities you want to stop receiving mail from.

Keep in mind, there is a fee for their service. But aside from eliminating all that wasteful mail, if you’re moving, it also lets you change your address easily, saving you a trip to the post office and ensuring your online security. Great concept, just as long as my trashy celebrity mag keeps coming. -Jeana