I love summer for so many reasons. Kids footloose and fancy-free, the fun in the sun, and no deluge of paperwork from all our school events, fundraisers, PTA meetings and volunteer opportunities.

I love volunteering in the class and chaperoning field trips, but the flurry of emails and papers are just that — a flurry. It’s too bad more people in my town don’t use a great site we covered a couple years ago on Cool Mom Picks called VolunteerSpot. This is a quick and easy way to mobilize volunteers for any project, outing or event in one place, but NOW, it’s even easier for parents to use with the addition of its mobile functionality.

When you’re waiting at Chloe’s violin lesson and you get an email with a volunteer request through VolunteerSpot, there is a link that takes you directly to the online calendar and mobile website where you can accept. No more papers and no more lengthy email chains! A couple easy taps and clicks on any iPhone or Android device and you’ll soon be frolicking with 25 third graders at the science museum. –Jeana