I recently read some astounding facts about the amount of content on the web. Each day, something like 60,000 new websites are created and 1.5 billion items are uploaded to Facebook alone. Yikes! How to sort through it all? Well for you iPad readers, there’s a really fantastic newsreader that does just that.

Zite.com is a fantastic iPad app, just launched this spring, that creates a custom magazine just for you based on your interests. Check off your favorite topics or customize your own (I added parenting and Brooklyn), or it can pull favorite pubs from your Google reader, Facebook, Delicious, or Twitter accounts. You’ll end up with a very clean, very nice looking “newspaper” sorted by category that’s amazingly easy to scroll and sort.

A simple sidebar lets you get more info about the topics covered in any given article, go right to the publication, or share via email or social networks. And I really like the Netflix-style thumbs up/down system so that Zite can gradually “learn” your interests to help feed you better stuff.

Zite Magazine

Bu the truth is, I didn’t need to teach it much at all. Right off the bat I was impressed with content from sites I love — Inhabitat, Apartment Therapy, Salon, the New Yorker — mixed in with pubs that I don’t think to go to, like The Paris Review, or ArtInfo.com which had a cool article on Barbie museum collection dolls, that I might not have found otherwise.

When I’m looking for something new, fresh, and inspiring, I’d imagine I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time with Zite. –Liz

Download Zite.com free for iPad.