When our first baby got to the age where she started skipping the occasional nap, I dreamed of the day there was a real button to press that would automatically turn noontime into naptime. I was, uh, a little delirious.

Real nap apps may be far off in the future, but this geeky onesie from ThinkGeek can at least provide a sleep-deprived parent with comic relief–I mean, how cute is it? Adorable. Even when you’re exhausted… and your baby isn’t.

And who knows? All outfitted in soft 100% ringspun cotton, there’s the distinct possibility that your baby will be comfy-cozy enough to actually drift off to a sweet midday dreamland–no download required. -Lexi

Outfit your baby (up to 24 months old) in a “There’s A Nap For That” onesie from ThinkGeek.

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