I do what I can to give back and support the causes that are dear to my heart, but with four kids and a busy schedule, I feel limited in how much I can commit. However since discovering this amazing new site, I can take on simple daily challenges that are small steps to improving my world and my kids’ world too.

Meet Bolder, an amazing site that offers visitors the chance to take challenges; even simple ones that can make a difference. Like limiting your shower to two minutes. Or using reclaimed water to water your plants. And then there are the challenges that take more commitment, like eating organic for an entire week, or biking to work.

While a few challenges offer small discounts, prizes, or a charitable donation by a socially-minded brand like Weleda or Stonyfield Farm, the real reward is the new perspective or even a lifestyle change you might achieve after completion. And if you’re feeling inspired, you’re welcome to start challenges of your own–some of the best ones come from regular old people.

I can think of more than a few things I need to work on or have always been wanting to try but never seem to have the time.

If anything, participating on the Bolder site fantastic way to show your kids that small things really do make a difference, and even as adults, we’re still learning about ourselves as much as they are. -Kristen

Challenge yourself to do more for the Earth at Bolder.

{via SwissMiss}